Air Brakes Course

Air Brakes Program*add 5% GST to all prices

You will complete 3 parts to obtain an airbrakes endorsement on your license.

  • 16 hours classroom course plus 2 hours in-vehicle
  • Written test at Service BC counter
  • Demonstrating your skills during an ICBC airbrakes pre-trip

The classroom course preparation is to read the airbrakes chapters in the ICBC driving commercial vehicles book. A free copy is provided at Service BC counter and online:

Drive Commercial Vehicles

As the book says on page 2, you are to read chapters: 1,2,8,9 &10.

Do your best to review the pages in the book, at least once. Do not worry if none of it makes sense right now. The course will put it all together.

The 2 hours of in-vehicel will teach you the componets and tests for an air brakes system.

The written test is similar to the learners license test you may have completed earlier.

Demonstrating your skills will be taught right beforer your ICBC vehicle pre-trip. The examiner will assess your skills, after all your training is complete.

We look forward to meeting you in the classroom.