Class 1 training Prices

To enable you to breeze through the driving test Improvement Institute has developed a system that trains you harder than the ICBC road test.

Your completed commercial license is a license to learn, however Improvement Institute provides you with skills above the requirement for the road test. We want you prepared for the terrain, road conditions, road grade and timed year you may be driving.

To make the training affordable we have a variety of programs to meet the needs of you the student. Minimum of 16 hours to make certain you have the basic skills to operate a commercial vehicle. The 35 and 40 hour programs are required if you are new to this industry.

We have different pricing strategies for Class 1 Driving program. The Prices varies with the number of hours per driving lesson.

  • Our Basic Driving program is of 16hrs which cost you $2,160 and it includes Two 6 days training plus road test with 1 additional hour.
  • Than we have 35hrs Classic 1 Driving Program that cost $4,725. This is of one week long that is Four (8hrs) days plus road test.
  • With 40hrs Classic 1 Extended Program we offer the driving lessons that consist of Nine (4hrs) days plus road test with an extra hour and cost you like $5,400 per driving program.
  • Another 40hrs program is Classic 2 Driver Program which cost $5,400. It includes (One week) Four days of 9hrs each plus a road test with an additional hour.
  • We offer a Complete Driver Program of 75 hours and it costs like $10,125 per program. This program is of two weeks (9 days of 8hrs each) long and additionally includes a road test.
  • Our biggest of all Class 1 driving lesson program is 115 hours long and it’s a Complete Driver Program with cost of $15,525. It’s a three weeks program which means complete 14 days of 8hrs each plus a road test.