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Only at Improvement Institute can you get the time & money saver airbrakes course! The 20 hour certified course has a guarantee* of success. *We stand behind it so much that if you don’t pass the ICBC written test after 3 attempts your re-take course is FREE. Also, passing the ICBC written test will COMPLETE […]

Airbrakes course

Signup now. (250) 794-7991 20 hour airbrakes course.

Happy New Year Peeps

 January 1, 2018 We rang in the new year searching for an online countdown. Missed the actual countdown for my area BUT I did find an interesting site to create ANY countdown: I donned a few Christmas gifts and headed out for a run with Percie, (soon to be service dog). It was -18 […]

Heavy Trailer Endorsement

January 14, 2018 We have added the 6 hour heavy trailer endorsement training to the school programs. Sign up now and be ready for the upcoming camping season. If your trailer, when loaded, weighs more  than 4600kg give us a call and set up training to have the proper endorsement on your drivers license, easier […]

Choose a driving job!

January 15, 2018 Drivers are in demand. Take this opportunity to get your class 1 and start driving your bank account up up up.  No experience necessary! 35 hour Classic I Program $4,725 (1 week) Four 8 hour days plus road test including: Log Book Pre-Trip Inspection Shifting City Driving Highway Driving Backing Skills Defensive Driving Railroad […]

Found- AIR-BOARD Air Brakes Course

February 10, 2018  Look no further than Improvement Institute Driving School: the hands-on, every valve demonstrated and easy to understand Air Brakes Course. Let me tell you about it. First you see a completely blank display. Then the 5 basic air brakes components are put up. Imagine a line from the compressor, a reservoir tank, […]

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