Defensive Driving School

Defensive / Cooperative Driving

​4 hour course + 1 hr Driving lesson $400

​More than being a defensive driver, applying cooperative driving techniques keeps everyone safe.

The course includes a 1 hr individual driving lesson

​The course reviews techniques of defensive and cooperative driving, avoiding preventable collisions.

​Using IMPROVEMENT INSTITUTE’S FLOW driving techniques you learn:

  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Collision factors
  • Emergencies
  • Assessment of driving skills

Learning Objectives

  • Using the 3 Second rule for Space management
  • Having an escape route to avoid danger.
  • Demonstrate traffic flow strategies that avoid collision potential.
  • Demonstrate sharing the road with all users.
  • Traveling in the safest lane.
  • Demonstrate a 360’ check while driving
  • Close proximity maneuvering.
  • Recognize road conditions and react accordingly.
  • Completing a pre-trip and post trip inspection and why.
  • 7 collision factors
  • Winter topics: Winterize your car, Be Prepared & Slide control
  • Collision avoidance
  • Legal responsibilities

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Defensive Driving and Cooperative Driver Courses run every month.